Lo's Boutique   Northgate Mall  Suite E - 7  1800 NE Evangeline  Thruway  Lafayette, LA


"Where we match your unique personality with exquisite styles!"


        Lo's Boutique is an upscale individualized  retail store. Lo's Boutique was established in 2011 for the sole purpose of matching unique personalities with exquisite designer clothing from around the world.    Our goal is to bring out your true beauty and style for your own satisfaction.


We specialize in both women and men's clothing for special occasions. Specifically:

                                             Plus sizes [0-54/ Big and Tall]

                                             Plus Sizes

  •                                             Mother of the Bride
  •                                            Mother of the Groom                                    
  •                                            Usher/Group                                    
  •                                            Ladies Auxiliary        
  •                                            Eastern Stars
  •                                            Church Suits
  •                                            First Communion Dresses/Suits
  •                                            Christening Gowns/Sets
  •                                           Business Casual
  •                                            Hats
  •                                            Purses
  •                                            Fashion Jewelry
  •                                            Shoes
  •                                            Ardyss Reshaping Garments
  •                                            Mary Kay Product